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Three Point Interiors

Renovate. Design. Outfit.


About Three Point Interiors
Experience professional interior design inspired by modern efficiency. Using the latest technology combined with a love for practical yet beautiful results, we can renovate, design, and outfit your property with a seamless, end-to-end service.

At Three Point Interiors, we take the complexity out of achieving a functional, stylish space that aligns perfectly with your aesthetic and lifestyle goals. We consider all the elements of design – form, lines, light, color, space, and texture – to create a living space that inspires. Whether you have a vacation property you’d like renovated and redesigned or you want to reinvent your home, we’re here to help. As an experienced interior design team, we have the expertise and skill to ideate, renovate, and implement exactly the look and feel you’re after, without drawing you into a lengthy or expensive process. We believe in the value of simplicity and know how to use technology to make your life easier and to create impressive results. We believe that good design doesn’t have to be expensive. We believe all of our clients deserve affordable, practical interior design that has the power to transform a property. This is why we always deliver an innovative experience personalized to your vision.

Thoughtful interior design from concept to completion

We offer a comprehensive renovation, interior design, and outfitting solution packaged into a fluid process. It’s interior design redefined to suit modern lifestyles. There’s no waiting for things to happen, no lengthy back-and-forth, and minimal disruption. Our process involves a crystal clear consultation, efficient renovation, functional design, and professional installation. Give us a home, your vision, and your expectations, and we’ll come in and renovate. We’ll conceptualize a design that reflects your home’s needs and style preferences. Finally, we'll have everything installed and set up for you. We handle every detail and streamline every facet with practical concepts and thoughtful processes.

A thoughtfully curated network of industry innovators, creators, and specialists

We’ve built a network of partners whom we’ve spent years working with. These are businesses we trust and know offer excellent quality at competitive prices.

Meet Maria
Maria Rassiwalla founded Three Point Interiors in 2018.

Her deep understanding of the end - to - end design process comes from experience. She has designed over 30 homes in the last few years with value, practicality, and aesthetics being key pillars for each project. Her breath of experience includes renovating, designing, and outfitting entire homes ranging from 2 to 9 bedrooms.

Maria also has many years of leadership experience in the not-for-profit sector and running small businesses. Currently she spends her time running Hosty LLC, a short term rental management company, and Three Point Interiors. Maria has a BFA from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. After many moves abroad and domestically she now calls Boulder, Colorado home with her husband and two young children.

Get in touch
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We would love to hear from you, whether you're interested in working with our team or pursuing a career with us.